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Adobe Illustrator CS5 V15.0.2 Lite Portable Setup Free yesjae




The all in one idea is one of the many parts which make this application useful for all kinds of stuff. When we talk about it, we find a very fast application. It is able to convert any raster image to vector format very fast. The more we try to use it, the more we found that it is the best tool to use for making everything look beautiful and creative. However, there are also disadvantages for this tool which make it not very useful for everyone. Let’s see what those disadvantages are and how we can solve them. Here is the list of problems which we found when we tried to make some cool vector graphics with this tool. Adobe Illustrator CS5 Portable You cannot create a Web-font The problem of the raster based font conversion is that it cannot recognize a Web-font when you are converting a raster image to a vector. However, if you have a Web-font, you can only use it for Web-design and Web-making. This is one of the reasons why we should never use any other software for making vector graphics. The only way is to use Adobe Illustrator CS5 or CS6. Limitations of this software This is a very big problem. Adobe is the pioneer of Photoshop, Photoshop Elements and many other different applications for digital image making. However, with the software named “Adobe Illustrator CS5 Portable“, they let us down. It is the last version of “Adobe Illustrator“. But this is not what we were looking for. So let’s see what else is not good about the software. No resize This is a very big problem. When you are opening a document for the first time, you will notice that it will be converted into a small image. But when you save this document, it will be converted into a small file. This is very annoying because you will need to save a lot of space for the big files. You cannot use multiple files This is a very big problem. When you make a circle on a path, it will make a closed shape. It is very very easy to make a file with a circle on a path and send it to a designer. If you do this, your designer will save it and will delete it from your hard disk. You cannot create transparent layers This is also a very big problem. When you make a transparent circle or a




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Adobe Illustrator CS5 V15.0.2 Lite Portable Setup Free yesjae

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